Evolution - The Early Hours

Label:Phantom Records - CD
Corduroy Records - 12 inch LP
Hellfire Club Records - double 7 inch
Highlights:Sheís Where Itís At
I Wonder If Youíll Ever Be Mine
The Girl I Havenít Met
Happening Kid Today
Lonely With You

Rating: 8/10

The Early Hours second album, Evolution, is a more refined and polished record than their debut, with more prominence given to the lead and backing vocals. However, the album still manages to retain a live and garagey feel thanks to the simple recording and production. Songs like Sheís Where Itís At, I Wonder If Youíll Ever Be Mine, Christianne and an infectious re-recording of The Girl I Havenít Met are all the sixties inspired pop songs that the Early Hours are renowned for. Elsewhere, Step Back In Time, Hard Feelings and Adult Attraction have a darker, more garage punk sound while Happening Kid Today and Soon Be Back have an upbeat, rocking beat. The highlight of the album though is the heartbreaking, Lonely With You. Clocking in at exactly 30 minutes, The Early Hours prove with Evolution that when it comes to pop and beat music, quite often less is indeed more.

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